i guess it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t know what your art is all about, because the old rich dudes who might buy it won’t know the difference anyway

27.Feb.14 1 month ago

James Sinclair


11.Feb.14 2 months ago

I figured (hoped) it was only a matter of time before thoughts and ideas began to manifest as words that could be spoken and understood. But damn I forgot how good it feels when things start to come together.

I’m in a jungle with a machete, hacking my way through my subconscious, clearing new paths while a storm of synapses fire around me.

Epiphany is too strong a word. So is breakthrough or realization—I’m beginning to see that my thought processes are much more amorphous and omnidirectional.

But it really does feel great to regain some of the trust I had in myself to create, and to do it with passion and authenticity.

See you on the other side, friends—it’s lighter than you think.

07.Feb.14 2 months ago
05.Feb.14 2 months ago

got to make the biggest prints ever tonight for free on funky fabrics to use up the ends of three different rolls. no photos to prove, but trust me if was way fun.

31.Jan.14 2 months ago